Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spotlight On: Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare at the Saloon: By SPT Marketing Intern Katie Dolan

“It’s a hootenanny! There’s music, dancing, it’s got a little of everything” says Noelle, one of the technical interns for the last show of the summer at the Bathhouse, Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing.

The show has been reset in the saloon-door-swinging, cowboy-boot-wearing middle of the Wild West!

The actors said that this setting actually fits the play quite well. Ben, who is playing Dogberry in the show, noted that a lot of his lines already use words like “partner” making it easy to move his character over into the new setting. Many of the actors have had experience performing Shakespeare as well. Francesco, who is playing Benedick, remarked, “I started acting with Shakespeare, so I’m fairly comfortable with it.”

Everyone seems to have a different favorite scene in this show. Ben declared his favorite to be the comic judging scene in which Dogberry has caught two criminals and is interrogating them. “I tie them up and shout insults in their face while I compliment myself over and over again.”

Francesco said his favorite scene is the spying scene. In this scene Benedick eavesdrops on Claudio, Leonato, and Don Pedro who have secretly planned to trick Benedick into falling in love with Beatrice.

William who is playing Don John, the villain, said his favorite scene was when he tells Don Pedro and Claudio a lie about Hero, the woman Claudio is interested in. “I get to deceive everyone! It’s funny even when they don’t pay attention at first.” His fellow cast mates were quick to add that Don John is very dark and brooding in the play.

Sofia, the assistant stage manager for the show said her favorite scene was the party scene. “Peter starts swinging Audrey, then it turns into this funny hoedown dance”

Barbara, who is working on costumes for the show said, “Shakespeare works anywhere. You could set it in space—the language is there.” She also explained Amy, the costume designer for the show has an awesome overall vision for the costumes. Actors are outfitted in big cowboy boots, American flag shirts, facial hair, elaborate skirts and more!

Lights for the show were designed by Sarah who will be a senior at Roosevelt High School this year. She has had lots of lighting experience being the lighting designer at Roosevelt and also doing a lighting design for the Bellevue Opera.

All the actors assured me that the show will be ready for opening night this Friday at 7 p.m. So grab yer boots, belt buckle and a partner and skedaddle on down to the Bathhouse for the free final show of the summer Much Ado About Nothing!

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