Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spotlight On: The Little Big Broadcast

Now that our SPT seniors have closed Fuddy Meers and fully graduated from our Youth Drama Program, the theater is completely turned over to the rest of the Youth Program participants, for the third week of free theater on Greenlake.

This week's show is The Little Big Broadcast, a collection of classic radio broadcasts such as the comedy routine Who's on first?, Zorro Rides Again, and The Shadow Knows, among other favorites. Directed by SPT regular Carmel Baird, these broadcasts are brought to life by our ensemble of 9-13 year olds.

For this week's Spotlight feature, SPT Marketing Intern Katie Dolan talked to several of the students involved:

After getting some feedback from the actors involved in the show, it sounds like the creative process for this show has been a challenging and enjoyable one. One actress is playing a total of four roles including Jughead from Archie Andrews, Gerald from The Strange Doctor Weird, Tom (Mr. Moonlight) from Mrs. Moonlight, and Costello from Who's on First? She noted that Costello was her favorite role to play. She added, “This is my first year at the Seattle Public Theater but, I hope to keep being in it.”

Many actors in the play must transform to portray very different kinds of characters. One actress, also playing four roles, remarked that one of the challenges with the show is “changing your voice to make the feelings more apparent and entertaining.”

Several actors expressed that their favorite part of the show is the romance broadcast entitled, “Mrs. Moonlight.” Casey Bouldin, stage manager for the show, explained to me that, “Mrs. Moonlight is about a love that transcends time (literally).” In this broadcast Sarah Moonlight is given a "magic" necklace, which grants her wish to not grow older. She then runs away from her husband and infant child, and the rest of the story is about her returning to her family after 17 years, and then again 30 years after that.

The actors involved relayed to me that rehearsals have been productive and entertaining. One actress declared, “Rehearsals have been very fun and very straightforward, I definitely think the show will come together great and be a big hit!”

To come watch and listen to this upcoming big hit, join us at the Bathhouse Theater this weekend!

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