Friday, May 14, 2010

Write a love letter to Seattle Public Theater!

Love, says Jacques in The 13th of Paris, only needs one thing every day to grow stronger. One new, romantic, delicate, small, big, noisy, quiet, strange thing. What was that thing for you today?

In the spirit of the show, we are inviting you to write love letters to Seattle Public Theater.

For example...
Dear Seattle Public Theater,
Somehow my love for you has grown deeper since I walked from my car to the lake. Your doors open the door to my heart. Please forgive me for missing a show last season; I was distracted and foolishly thought there were more important things in the world than entering into the magic of the Bathhouse and your warm embrace. Yours, a subscriber

But if you want to write a letter to someone or something else - your significant other, your pet, Green Lake - we want those too! The important thing is to put pen to paper, find a moment of stillness in your busy day, and listen to your heart. Remember Jacques' words: "The only eloquence in this letter is because of the love I feel for you".

With your permission, we'll share as many of your letters as we can on our lobby bulletin board and here on our blog. And at the end of the run, our staff will pick a winner, and the author will win a romantic pairing of wine and chocolate! Share your love of SPT and live the spirit of The 13th of Paris!

Details: Love letters, romantic, silly, or otherwise, but definitely please keep them PG-rated. Letters received by Sunday, June 13th, 2010 (the closing performance of the show and our season) will be eligible to win. Although you can request anonymity, please include your full name and contact information to be eligible for our prize package. To protect your privacy, this information will not be made public. Post a comment here on this blog post , e-mail to:, mail to: Seattle Public Theater Attn: Love Letters, 7312 West Green Lake Dr. N, Seattle, WA 98103 -- or write one at our love letter table in the Bathhouse lobby during the run of the show!

We look forward to reading and sharing your love letters!

1 comment:

  1. Dearest Roy,

    You're the person I want to grow old with. You're the first person I want to see every morning and the last person I want to see every night. You're the person I want to run with. You're the person I want to learn with. You're the person I want to build a life with.
    You're the person I love.
    I wish you felt the same way.